Frequently Asked Questions

New Zealand is free from all major avian flu viruses. This means we have a world-class environment to raise our free range chickens.

Chicken provide you and your family with excellent nutrients as it is high in protein, iron, zinc and selenium. Skinless chicken breasts is the leanest meat.

Rangitikei chickens like all poultry grown in New Zealand, are not genetically modified at all.

The raising of chickens is the most important thing for us at Rangitikei. Here in New Zealand, we have world-class conditions for breeding, hatching and raising poultry. Strict biosecurity laws continue to keep New Zealand free of serious poultry diseases present overseas. We also have nutritionists and veterinarians who look after bird health and birds’ specially formulated diets. Rangitikei farming practices always adhere to the “Five Freedoms” of animal welfare; Freedom from hunger and thirst, freedom from discomfort, freedom from pain, injury or disease, freedom to express normal behaviour, freedom from fear and distress. Our farms are independently audited to ensure they meet the requirements of the New Zealand Animal Code of Welfare.

Rangitikei chickens sometimes receive small amounts of “non-human” antibiotics to keep them healthy. We ensure that any poultry that receives medicine is then subject to a withdrawal period to ensure they are free from any residual medicine. Rangitikei only uses antibiotics that are registered under the Animal Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Act in New Zealand and they are only ever used under veterinary supervision.

Rangitikei does not and never has used growth hormones in the growing of our chickens. The use of hormones in farming is an illegal practice in New Zealand, a law which has stood since the 1960s.

Our chickens are fed a balanced diet of grains, corn, vitamins and minerals that are specially formulated by our nutritionists. They get everything they need to make sure they grow healthy and strong.

All of our chickens are cage free and raised free range. Our farms are also independently audited to ensure they meet the requirements of the New Zealand Animal Code of Welfare.

All Rangitikei’s chickens are 100% bred, hatched and raised in New Zealand and we have locations in both the north and south islands.

Yes all Rangitikei products are halal.  Rangitikei is audited and approved by Halal Conformity Services Limited, an approved Halal Organisation. 

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